Owner Financing

Want to buy a home but can’t get a loan?  Owner Financing allows home buyers to own a home without the banks!

Owner financing is a solution to many things, some of which include:

  • Bad Credit or No Credit?
  • Recent Job Change
  • Self Employed
  • Having Trouble Qualifying
  • High Closing Costs
  • Need to Close Fast
  • Tired of Renting
  • Prior Bankruptcy
  • Divorce

Benefits Of Owner Financing

There are many benefits and reasons for a buyer to consider an owner financed home:

1) Qualification Process –  Today’s strict lending environment has made it incredibly difficult for home buyers to get a home loan, especially if you’re self employed.    When buying an owner financed home, you just need approval from the investor or seller, without all the lengthy delays and paperwork needed for a bank loan!

2) Credit Rating – You have the opportunity to improve your credit rating as you make monthly mortgage payments on an owner financed home.

3) Lower Costs – Traditional bank loans are expensive.  Some of the fees include an origination fee, other points, underwriting charges, survey’s, appraisals, etc…  None of these are common fees in an owner financed real estate transaction which saves you a lot of money.

4) Fast Closing – When buying an owner financed home, you can close in days or weeks!   You don’t have to wait for the typical 30 -45 day process + delays it takes with traditional bank lending.